About Us

After being in the manufacturing industry for the past 22 years, Quantum Leisure decided it was time for a new challenge. With all the skills, machinery, and technical knowhow already available, combined with a passion for the outdoors and camping, a new caravan was born. This resulted in a luxury range of caravans that is practical, affordable, and manufactured to an extremely of high quality. And proudly manufactured local!

These luxury caravans make the camping and outdoor leisure experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. By moving some main parts of the kitchen to the outside of the caravan, you can now use your gas stove and basin by simply pulling out a drawer. Now that’s convenience which suits our moderate climate, as we tend to spend much more time outside rather than inside. Also incorporated is a bunker bed system which saves space, and it gives the kids their own beds! With these luxury caravans you are able to take your camping and outdoor experiences to new height

Quantum Leisure strives to create caravans that are manufactured with robust build qualities, coupled with a variety of modern accessories and comforts, designed to afford you the holiday you deserve in complete comfort. Everyone wants a home away from hom

In 2022 Quantum had the opportunity to acquire the famous Jurgens brands, namely Jurgens, Sprite, Gypsey, Wilk, Tourer, Xcape and Xplorer.